One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” –Henry Miller

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Violet Olive

I bet you've never seen a Violet Olive!

My new niece, Violet Olivia, was born February 22, seven pounds, one ounce, beautiful as ever. We were all ecstatic to see that she has red hair like her mommy.  <3

Violet Olivia. Some names are void of nickname potential. This name is not.  As sweet as her name stands alone, I'm afraid the challenge my sister will face is reigning in the onslaught of nicknames that will surely come.  Some are good, some are lacking.  I've heard whispers of: Vi, ViVi, Vive, Vie (as in "c'est la vie"), Violet Olive, Olive, Von (her initials), lightening bug (named so because she has to wear a light around her waist at night to help her liver eliminate the jaundice. Admittedly, the name is pretty fitting when you see her lit up.) Plum (a violet fruit, of course... During Carolyn's pregnancy we laughed that the doctor would compare Violet's development in terms of food.  "She's about the size of a...peanut.. prune.. plum... orange.. grapefruit.").

The one I cannot stand is "Red."  In my mind's eye that name elicits an image of a trucker who's real name is Toby, throwing back a beer or two at the local bar.  Surely nothing could be so ill suited.  My mom fought tooth and nail to keep people from calling Carolyn, "Red."  I'm afraid Carolyn has inherited the same task.

Already, I am totally in love with that little girl. I've seen pictures and I've watched Violet peep through half closed eyes. I've even spoken to her and my sister (thanks to skype); but I haven't been able to hold her.  There is nothing more difficult than looking at a screen, all the while knowing that the ones you love are literally half a world away.  It makes living here a little more difficult, but I suppose I have to be grateful for the things that challenge my heart to grow a little more and for the things that challenge me to be a little braver.


  1. She is so beautiful :-) And I promise to never ever call her 'Red' or any variation thereof.

    April will be here so soon! Hold on til then!!!

  2. She's adorable, Jess! We are all thinking of you back in the U.S. of A. You better let me know when you're back in the country! I'm sure little Violet can't wait to meet her Aunt Jessie :)

  3. You'll Get to see her in a month!!!!